How to Apply for a service dog



The way we take applications for our service dogs is by a good old fashioned phone call. Once we have visited with you by phone you will be sent an application by email. After you have received your application you will fill it out and return it with a $150.00 application fee (this fee is non-refundable).   A Service Dog is NOT a well-trained pet. Owning a Service Dog requires commitment by you and your family. We take our job of providing you with a dog very seriously. We are training Service Dogs to change your life; not as a money-making endeavor. After we have received your application and fee we will schedule a meeting with you and your family. We may have a dog ready for you to meet; it may take us some months to find a dog; but once you have made the decision to work with us we require a deposit of 1/2 the price of your dog.  We are a very small operation but very effective; however we cannot take on unlimited clients and dogs so we have limits every year as to how many dogs and clients we can put into our program.

Here are some of the parameters that we work with.

We will place dogs in homes with other dogs provided the other dogs are well trained and guidelines are followed to make sure the service dog can do it’s job.

We will place dogs with any age.

We will help you train a dog; provided you plan to spend at least a year with us training every week. (or more depending on the dog and level of training needed) We will help you train a dog that you already own provided it passes our testing.

We only use dogs rescued from kill shelters, rescue groups, and we have found some street dogs that have turned into AMAZING service dogs. We do not limit our scope of usable dogs to just one breed.

At this time we do not provide dogs to clients at no charge. We are busy training dogs not doing huge amounts of fund raising so you will be required to fund raise for the cost of your dog.

We are glad to speak to church groups, civic groups, and at events you do to fund raise for your dog. If we do have money donated to the general fund I take that money and divide it between the dogs in the program.

We do not have predatory pricing of our dogs…. You can rely on our integrity our honesty and the ethical way we do business.

We encourage you to research other providers of Service Dogs before you make your commitment to Glad Wags. .speak to folks that have received dogs from us or who are self-training their own dogs; we have a strict NO-REFUND (NO EXCEPTIONS) policy once you join our program.

Give us a call!


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