We are always grateful for any help the public can offer.


We are always grateful for any help the public can offer.

Everyday items we use:

Newspapers, towels, baby blankets, Odo-ban kennel disinfectant /deodorizer, paper towels,

You may want to donate dollars and this is what your dollars can do!

$5.00 an identification plate for training collar

$15.00 buys training leash and collar, several pound of raw bones

$25.00, micro-chip, a seat belt for a service dog

$35.00 a Service Dog vest, a bag of dog food

$40.00 A neuter, rental of our monthly training space in Arkansas for 1 day, Parasite and flea control for one dog for a month

$50.00 a monthly groom on one of our long haired dogs, a case of frozen Bil-jac,

$60.00 A spay, a Kuranda bed, to keep them up off the ground when they are outside

$100.00 buys a crate. We use a lot of crates!!! Printing of our brochures, cards, postcards, one day of dog sitting if I need to be gone

$200.00 a new set of grooming clippers and blades

$300.00 a new kennel run …we need about 4 more to build some bigger play yards for the dogs.

$500.00 rental on our training building for 1 month

$1,500 a new bathtub to bathe dogs in to eliminate grooming bills.

A scholarship for a PTSD dog for a Veteran or an Autism dog.

A scholarship for a Seizure Alert dog or a Diabetic Alert dog.

A scholarship for a Wheelchair assist dog.

And our biggest wish ever:  $50,000 for a down payment on a bigger, safer rural facility to keep expanding our ability to train more dogs.

Or if someone out there has rural property 10 acres or more that you would like to donate to build a facility on? Or maybe it already has a house on it too?

We are a 501 (c) 3 Charity and all of your donations no matter how big or small help in more ways than I can put to paper , or in words. I am always so grateful when people believe in us by supporting us again THANK YOU

Warmest Regards


President/Master Trainer