" My name is Paul Broerman; I am 56 and was born with mild Cerebral Palsy. At the age of eleven, I developed Transverse Myelitis’ leaving me paraplegic. Eight years ago I wore out my shoulders. I am now effectively a quadriplegic and rely on a power chair. Recently I met Marj Satterfield and Glad Wags, and was teamed with a service dog named Jet. Working with Jet has given me new hope in helping myself and others recognize the value of a service animal." - Paul  


 Thor is a magnificent Newfoundland who helps his handler get around, as well as retrieving objects and generally being a soft and gentle working giant. Karla started Thor on her own, and did a really great job, but wanted to work with Glad Wags in order to increase her skill level with the dog and sharpen his skills. Karla has also shown her dogs in conformation and obedience, and her dogs demonstrate just what a fine purebred dog can be in terms of temperament and ability. 



Maddie and her girl are a real team – a really nice, working American Cocker Spaniel.

Maddie was one of our first service dog clients, and has made impressive strides over the lifetime of her training. Maddie retrieves dozens of dropped objects for her girl and brings them up the power chair, helps her undress, and in her handling and training of this little dog has improved her speech and facility of movement greatly.


 Sassy is the service dog of Elizabeth Reeve.  Elizabeth has spina bifida, SCI, MS, diabetes, heart problems, sleep apnea, and anxiety.  Sassy helps Elizabeth with mobility, helping monitor her diabetes, helping keep Elizabeth calm and making sure everything stays within a certain normal range. When something is not normal, Sassy alerts Elizabeth to the issues and allows Elizabeth to live a more independent life than what she would if Sassy was not available. Without Sassy, Elizabeth has had several occasions she would have left this world (died). Sassy is a true life saver for Elizabeth. 
Before obtaining Sassy, Elizabeth was at home and having to have assistance with many of her daily tasks. She would not venture away from home for too long. Elizabeth was unable to work, and was struggling to continue on with her daily living skills. Her life has changed since obtaining Sassy.
Elizabeth has taught  at OCCC (Oklahoma Central Community College) as English as a Second Language instructor.  She enjoys advocating for service dogs and educating the public on service dogs. 

Elizabeth is the Pure International Ms. Classy Oklahoma and American Majestics Legacy (Lifetime) Queen. She has held many other titles over the past years. She has obtained a Masters degree and currently working on her Masters of Business Administration, which she will receive in May 2019.  She is ABD for her EdD in Organizational leadership.  She is a founder of a 501 C 3. Without Sassy, none of this would have been possible.


 Sweetie is the service dog for Mike Clark.  Mike has been diagnosed with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. 
Sweetie came to the Clark family as a stray and within two days was waking Mike up when he stopped breathing during his sleep.  She also alerts Mike 45 minutes before his leg function deteriorates the point of being unable to drive or walk more than a few feet so that he is able to return safely if he is outside of the home.  She provides many other types of assistance such as retrieving items, taking items to other family members, assisting  with balance, comforting Mike when his legs hurt, helping with emotional stability, and even reminding Mike when it is time to rest. 

 She is being trained to provide further assistance with many daily activities.  Sweetie is a wonderful blessing and due her loyalty and aid, Mike is able to participate more fully in life’s daily activities.
Sweetie is a Chinese Shar-pei mix and as such several trainers turned her down to be trained as a service dog due to the reputation of most Shar-pei dogs. Marj Satterfield heard her story, evaluated her, discovered that she is something special, and now trains both Sweetie and Mike.